BATH DESERVES BETTER members are individuals, each with their own political views, who see the damage that is being done to our city by the current Conservative-led administration. We support grassroots campaigns where there is a clear case that the council is in breach of the Nolan Principles of Public Life.

The Nolan Principles say that Bath Councillors and Senior Officers must act with;
·         Selflessness (acting solely in the public interest)
·         Integrity (avoiding any obligation to people or organisations that might influence their work)

·         Objectivity (taking decisions impartially using the best evidence available)
·         Accountability (submitting themselves to scrutiny to ensure they are accountable)

·         Openness (taking decisions in an open and transparent way)
·         Honesty (always being truthful)
·         Leadership (supporting these principles and challenging poor behaviour)


What brought us together in 2017?

Bath has become a hotbed of protest and demonstration, the like of which has not been seen for years. This is not about austerity or national policies; this is about the behaviour of the Conservative leadership of B&NES Council, which we believe is letting our beautiful city down.

Projects like the East of Bath Park & Ride and the proposal to move the Central Library threaten to waste £millions of taxpayers’ money at the same time as vital services, and subsidies to the Arts that help make Bath great, are being cut.  Yet the Conservative-led council continues to show disrespect for the Bath electorate. Multi-million pound decisions are made before consulting people properly or looking at the evidence. They are also being made without a business case, something that would never be tolerated in the private sector. These pre-determined and reckless decisions are then defended with misleading statements and invalid arguments, while the real facts and the voices of concerned citizens are ignored.


Campaign groups across the city believe that BATH DESERVES BETTER and we have a right to expect higher standards from our elected representatives.


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Across our city, people are saying BATH DESERVES BETTER.

Bath Protestors by Perry Harris