6:30: Public arrive


6:40-6:50: Welcome from Chair and agenda for evening (checking audience expectations too)


6:50-7:00: Campaign 1 presentation


7:00-7:10: Open discussion on presentation 1- questions to speaker/campaign members or councillors from the audience or from Councillors to campaign members or campaign members to councillors etc.


7:10-7:20: Campaign 2 presentation


7:20-7:30: Open discussion on presentation 2 as above


7:30-7:40: Campaign 3 presentation


7:40-7:50: Open discussion on presentation 3 as above


7:50-8:00: Comfort break


8:00-8:45: Open Q&A session on the campaign topics or any others that residents in the audience want to raise


8:45-9:00: Meeting wrap up with the list of questions for the Cabinet gathered over the evening that we will commit to publishing and tracking on our website