At the Bath Deserves Open meeting we promised to collate questions which would be passed to Tim Warren and the Council to answer.

Below you will find the questions and any answers we have received.


Questions About Arts Cuts

Will you reconsider cutting the entire arts budget and work with us to find a feasible way forwards?

We have to take difficult decisions and that is why the budget has been cut as it has

You have £53m for a property development company – why can’t the Arts be funded (£430k over three years)?

No answer as yet

Other cities around the country have received £ millions in central government funding from the Arts Council in the latest round including around £27m for Bristol and £1.3m for Salisbury among others. Bath received nothing. Why?

I don’t know the answer so will need to find this out (TW)

(From Chair) We aren’t able to make much progress here as you aren’t able to answer questions TW. Please are you willing to meet campaigners separately on this issue?

Yes TW was willing to facilitate a separate meeting on this topic

Why hasn’t the council asked residents if they are willing to pay more council tax to fund the Arts?

(Vote taken on night and almost all in favour)