Bathampton Meadows Alliance

The Council ignored the results of their own 2015 consultation showing a majority of people (51%) against an East of Bath Park & Ride on Bathampton Meadows; they changed the rules to limit the number of Bath citizens who can speak at Council and Cabinet meetings after over 80 people spoke at a meeting against their plans; they changed the maths behind the air-pollution level calculations to deny that there is a problem (and only changed it back when Defra got involved); they provide misleading facts to try and demonstrate an increased use of Park & Ride when the reality is that Bath’s existing Park & Rides are rarely more than half full, and fewer cars are using them since the council spent over £4.5M expanding them. And they continue to press ahead with this new Park & Ride scheme (on which they’ve already spent £1.6M of our money) even though they themselves now acknowledge it will not have any significant impact on reducing air pollution (B&NES Q&A January 2017), and will only take a couple of bus-loads of car drivers off the road in the morning peak.

It’s not just campaigners; environmental groups, the Bath Preservation Trust, the National Trust, Historic England and Highways England have all expressed grave concerns about this plan. How much longer can the council continue to ignore these concerns?