Stop Bath Arts Cuts

In April 2017 B&NES Council withdrew its Small Arts Grants funding. This funding of up to £5000 per year was vital in helping to maintain a sustainable Arts infrastructure within the city and was often matched by Arts Council funding. By the end of 2019, the entire Arts budget will cease to exist. Bath is a cultural city that thrives on the Arts and culture. Without genuine investment and support Bath will quickly become a graveyard for Arts and culture in Bath. This is so short-sighted. The Arts bring economic growth to the city too. Every £1 invested in the Arts generates between £2 and £7 back into the local economy.

Small Arts Grants didn’t allow an elite group of people enjoy the theatre – far from it. Locally the Arts have been used to help organisations such as the Developing Health and Independence charity (DHI) whose rehabilitated members have been involved with theatre projects, Mentoring Plus who help train and support vulnerable young people and Arts at the Heart at the Royal United Hospital. All have received some form of council funding over the last five years.

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Derek Fowlds from Yes! Minister and Heartbeat